We've all been there. You are trapped in a bathroom that is far from clean and you have to change your little one's diaper. More often than not these lovely places are pretty cramped to boot. I usually carry the disposable changing pads in case of this emergency but it can be a struggle to get to my diaper bag (while keeping it off the nasty ground) and to keep my son safely on the changing table. The Baggino is a great solution to changing diapers in difficult situations. Think of it as a diaper bag that doubles as a tool belt. You can actually wrap it around your waist and snap it in the back. Then you have easy access to the pockets and you are hands free. I feel like a super hero when I use the Baggino. It makes diaper changing quick & easy.

I love how organized the Baggino makes me. It is jam packed with so many features that make is so easy it use! It includes built in rings on the sides so you can attach additional items (like bottle holders), it has clips on the sides to allow easy attachment to pretty much any stroller, it has an instant access key ring (no more frantic searches through the bottom of an overflowing bag), it comes with an easy to roll up changing pad, a removable shoulder strap pouch (perfect for cell phones & gadgets), and so many roomy storage pockets! One of my very favorite things is the built in wipes compartment that makes pulling out baby wipes a breeze! I also love how it is gender neutral and my husband is not embarrassed to be the one toting it.

Take a moment to visit the Baggino site and watch the quick video of it in action. You can also order your own ingenious Baggino while you are there!Best Blogger Tips

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