You learn something new everyday

On a trip to Charleston we visited a really cool battleship. At the top of the ship they had tons of this signs that showed how many items were destroyed. Connor was shockingly intrigued by the amount of trains that were destroyed. I on the other hand learned something new...the ducks in the picture represent aircraft destroyed on the ground....hence the term sitting ducks. I don't know why but that was really interesting to me. Another weird thing happened while we were wondering about this ginormous battleship. I was hit wit the overwhelming urge to join the navy and sail about the world on one of these. I'm not sure why...maybe it is because it kind of made me feel like I was in a blend of titanic & pearl harbor but it pulled me in and made me long to see nothing but ocean around me as I embarked on a journey to protect our nation. After I got off the battleship I started to think that maybe taking a short cruise would be a better fit for me.

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