Welcome Little One

Welcome, Little One is a deluxe interactive novelty book celebrating the magic and joy that come with the arrival of a new baby - an irresistibly sweet gift!

In this special interactive gift book, beloved author and artist Sandra Magsamen celebrates the miracle of baby's arrival. With soothing, lulling text and a wide variety of novelty elements, including touch-and-feels, pull-tabs, lift-the-flaps, a musical sound chip, pop-ups and more, readers are invited to remember all of the special moments that are experienced when baby arrives.

I adored this book with it's beautiful illustrations and the sweet story. It is perfect to read your new baby each night as they fall asleep. Even my 3 year old son enjoyed the story and followed up asking questions about when he was a baby. I love how interactive the book is as well with it's pull out flaps and the lullaby that plays. This story touches me and is truly moving to read to your child as they doze off at night...it might even cause you to tear up (it kinda did for me, but I'm pretty mushy when it comes to my babies!).Best Blogger Tips

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