Exposed Organics

I am thrilled with the organic products from Exposed Organics! The prices are right and the products are spot on. This family created company cares about making sure no harsh chemicals go on your body. You can choose from a range of makeup and body products. Some of my favorites are the liptint ($8) & nectar ($8). The liptint is formulated with beeswax, vitamin e & natural oils - so it nourishes your lips and makes them shine. It is also made using minerals so there are no dyes or chemicals to dry out your lips. The funky flamingo shade is absolutely gorgeous for spring and it's far from sticky but still long lasting. Nectar is this super cool potion that transforms all of your powder eye shadows into a paste for a completely different look. You can mix it with the eye dust from Exposed Organics and use it with your old colors as well. Exposed Organics also has products for your children and for your body. The Boo Boo Balm is a life saver when your little one gets little cuts or scrapes. It soothes the area and it's easy to tote with you in your purse. The Supersoap does a great job of blending pampering with cleansing when you take a shower. I'm loving the mix of tea tree & peppermint that makes my skin feel refreshed & invigorated. Take a moment to check out the full selection at Exposed Organics. Buy products that are made with natural ingredients and don't compromise on the results!Best Blogger Tips

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