Talk'n Talk'n Talk

When Connor was 2 his teachers told us they were worried about his speech. Everyone was talking and he was not saying much at all. Six short months later we cannot shut him up. He NEVER stops talking. Lately Jackson has started to try and communicate with him. It mostly sounds like "ahhhhh" "hubba hubba" "ooooohhh" "hha haa" but he is attempting to talk to Connor. Connor also has the ability to make him laugh like no one else can. Yesterday Connor kept throwing toys into the toy box and before he dropped each toy in he would say in a monotonous voice "I am a robot". Every time he would do this Jackson would start laughing hysterically. This went on for a good half hour. I tried to jump in on the fun but apparently my robot voice isn't that humorous. The boys just looked at me with blank faces and eyes that said "mom, you are not cool."

I am so amused by the relationship that is developing between my boys. They are really good brothers. Connor is really sweet to Jackson and the only struggle we have with the two of them is getting Connor to share. Their birthdays are only 6 days apart and this year all that Connor wants is bunk beds for them to share. I figure this kills two birds with one stone - we get a guest room and the boys won't be crying about wanting someone to sleep with them at night. In the picture above Connor is explaining to Jackson about their bunk beds. There is not a day that goes by that Connor doesn't ask how much longer till he gets them...Best Blogger Tips

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