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I LOVE cupcakes. Anything to do with cupcakes is welcome to come hang out with me. I had never had a cupcake in a jar before tasting the cupcakes from Bangerang Bake Shop. Now I am wondering why all cupcakes don't come this way. It's easy to eat, easy to store or tote, much less messy to feed to a child, and it's much bigger than your typical cupcake. The little jar it comes in is so adorable that I now keep it on my desk and use it to hold thumbtacks. But back to the taste...ahhhh....the delicious, savory, moist flavor of the cupcakes from Bangerang Bake Shop. You have to try one to experience the decadent taste. All of the ingredients used in her cupcakes are of supreme quality from the King Arthur unbleached flour to the real Madagascar Vanilla beans used to make vanilla sugar. There are no preservatives and everything is fresh. My cupcake came all the way from the Illinois bake shop and it tasted as if someone had just whipped it up for me in my kitchen. With tons of tempting flavors to choose from good luck picking just one! Make sure to check out the 3 adorable limited time only Easter flavors. The cupcakes are only $6.50 and they are delivered straight to your door. So spoil someone on their birthday, on a bad day, on an anniversary, or just spoil yourself (absolutely nothing wrong with that!). You can start nurturing your sweet tooth by visiting the Bangerang Bake Shop here!

Want to win your own cupcake from the Bangerang Bake Shop? 2 lucky readers will get to feast on one of these delights! To enter to win visit the Bangerang Bake Shop and fill out the form below. Leaving a comment will not enter you - so please use the form. The deadline to enter is May 7 at midnight EST.
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Joanne Duffy said...

I LOVE Bangerang's cupcakes! Yummy!

Vegaslily said...

I'am blogging about it at

Lorie said...

The white chocolate one is definately for me!!!! OMG!!!

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