The Roku Player turns your home into a personal video store!

This is one of the coolest gadgets I have discovered in a LONG time. I am loving the Roku Digital Video Player. If you are a Netflix user this is right up your alley and if you are not - it might be time to become one. When you hook this up to your television you create an instant video store in your own home - except you don't have to pay for each rental! Roku works with your netflix account and it doesn't cost you anymore than the basic Netflix plan. That means for $8.99 a month you can still get new movies delivered to your home and you can watch as many movies instantly on your television as you would like. The Roku box works through your Internet connection and it even has wireless if you want to connect it to your network cord free. It is very easy to hook up. The directions have easy to understand images and it only took me about 3 minutes to have it up and running. I was concerned that the video quality would be poor or stream very slowly because while we have dsl we have the lowest download speed possible. Uploading a video to youtube takes me forever! However, it took under 5 minutes for each movie to reach our television screen and the quality was very good! Anytime we want to watch a movie we can go online to Netflix and browse their large selection of movies to watch instantly. As soon as you add the movie to your watch instantly list - it is available to watch on your tv. We currently have over 90 movies already added to your list. You can keep them on there as long as you would like or you can remove them after watching. It is great for keeping my son entertained because he can be pretty fickle about what movie he wants to watch. I don't have to keep swapping out the DVDs and he can actually work it himself. His current favorites are Short Circuit & Dennis the Menace. You can also watch tv show collections like CSI or The Office. The Roku player will be used by your entire family. We even take it with us when we travel to a hotel. It is so easy to hook up and then you have your movies with you and you only needed to pack this small player (remember you have to have an Internet connection for it to work). The cost of the Roku Player is only $99 and if you think about it - that's like going to the movie theatre 3 times. To find out more about the Roku player you can click here. If nothing else give it a try because they offer a 30 day money back guarantee and Netflix will give you a free trail, thus it will really cost you nothing if you decide you don't like it. However - I'm pretty sure you will end up as hooked as we did.Best Blogger Tips

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