Road Trip

Connor recently decided to embark on a road trip with his little brother in the family station wagon. I watched in curiosity as Connor loaded up the top of his ride with boxes of toys and then attached them with bungie cords. This was completely his idea. He even packed a bottle and pacifier for his little brother. Then the pair of them navigated the complex trails of our home until they reached their destination. It had a pool (of course) and they spent about 10 minutes jumping into the imaginary water (a round blue pillow). Then the trip was over - it seemed like a whole lot of driving for that. Connor then re-loaded the car (this is has favorite part) and pretended to return home. Jackson was a true sport. He just kept looking out the rear window with this confused look of "why?" Poor little guy, for the time being he is just along for the ride.Best Blogger Tips

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