Having beautiful skin is a priority for me. I don't typically wear much makeup and I would like to wake up with a natural glow. I want to age well and I want my skin to look it's best far into my life. SAMPAR has worked to create products that tackle the pollutants & toxins that are attacking your skin. Over 20 years of research have went in to formulating these revitalizing products. Many of their products contain their own Urban Advance Complex, which uses high levels of powerful natural ingredients (shea butter, mint leaves, milk sugar) to protect and refresh your skin.

I tried out several of SAMPAR's products and was very happy with the results. I am loving the Skin Quenching Mist. It feels fantastic as you apply it after removing your makeup and leaves my skin feeling smooth. You can just spray it on your face for an instant refresher & moisture boost. It's perfect for traveling! Another thing to be sure to take on your next trip is the Goodweekend Kit. It has just the right amount of each of the five Essential Products for your beauty routine. There is just enough for about 2 applications so it is perfect to toss in your bag for a short trip and avoid lugging all the full size products.

Their new Winsome Body Line has a great collection of products that let you care for your body as well as you would care for your face. The Joyous Body Milk has become my recent addiction. I love the subtle, elegant smell and the long lasting moisture it provides. It uses marine collagen soy extract, chestnut and shea butter to combat a variety of issues - it will soften, protect, firm, tone, and even help prevent the signs of aging. You can also take care of your skin as you shower with the Dew It Again Shower Gel & Lap of Luxury Sea Scrub. Soothe your skin while you remove toxins & pollutants with the Dew It Again Shower Gel. It has been enriched with 6 essential oils (including peppermint & lavender) - the end result is a very refreshing shower experience. Combine it with the Lap of Luxury Sea Scrub to regenerate tired skin. The marine salts & essential oils will give your skin the texture it was meant to have by stripping the impurities and gently exfoliating. It leaves my skin with a glow! You can help your bust stay where it's meant to be with the Lift Me Up Bust Cream. It uses natural firming agents to restore density to your skin & reinforce elasticity leaving you with beautiful shaped breasts. It even helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

If you try nothing else you have to try SAMPAR's Eye Rule. I am stuck with dreadful dark circles that never seem to go away. This unique pen applicator is enriched with regenerative active ingredients that tackle the problems of your eye area like dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness. It is the ONLY anti-aging treatment which actually fights all 5 aging factors for the eyes! All you do is roll this light formula from the inner eye area to the outer eye area in a circular motion. This will also stimulate microcirculation. It penetrates immediately & tightens the eye area. It is so refreshing, especially if you store it in your fridge. It is a great way to give your eyes a little pick me up after a long day or after staring into a computer screen for hours (my problem). SAMPAR's Eye Rule is impressive and actually delivers on what it claims to do. Love it!

Check out SAMPAR to view their full collection of beautifying products and to add some to your collection.Best Blogger Tips

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