Spinkles Cupcakes

Sprinkles Cupcakes are well known all over the US for their fantastic flavor & their modern dot design. When I look at an image of their cupcakes my mouth instantly starts to water. Although they have 6 locations to choose from there is not one near enough my home to try. Lucky for me you can order Sprinkles Cupcake Mixes and then make some from the comfort of your kitchen. The mixes are available in 7 yummy flavors - red velvet, dark chocolate, vanilla, lemon, banana, pumpkin, and chocolate peppermint. I actually baked some myself - the dark chocolate kind and all I can say is move over Betty Crocker. These are AMAZING and if it tastes that good coming out of my kitchen I can only imagine what one from Sprinkles Cupcakes would taste like. The Cupcake Mixes come packaged in an adorable tin and will make you 12 cupcakes. They even include the adorable signature Sprinkles Cupcake dots to adorn your finished product. I think this would make the cutest gift for mother's day or any one who enjoys baking. You could get several flavors and then package them up in a mixing bowl with a apron to boot. How cute would that gift be? Indulge in the decadent flavor by ordering your own Sprinkles Cupcake Mix today or if you are fortunate enough to live near the actual store (eat one for me...or two...or three, I would probably eat 3).Best Blogger Tips

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