Picture It Postage

When it comes time to send out a letter I love the option of creating your own stamps with Picture It Postage. They are actually approved for use by the United States Postal Service. How cute to use personalized stamps for invitations, postcards, holiday cards, or even just letters. I would never waste one of these beauty's on a bill though. You can create them quickly & easily online. You will even get to see your stamp before you order it. You can choose between portrait or landscape view. They also let you pick background colors for your postage that match your photo. I have a feeling that when you use a stamp like this - the envelope will never be thrown away (especially if you send it to a grandma). A set of 20 standard stamps will only cost you $18 and remember it includes your postage. So get creative and start making your stamps reflect the favorite people in your life....as I'm writing this another idea has just come to me. Wedding invitations - you could have an adorable picture of the happy couple. I wish I had known about Picture It Postage when I sent out my invites. What will you use your stamps for?Best Blogger Tips

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