My (guitar) hero

Bringing down the house every night! Connor & I were recently introduced to the world of Guitar Hero and I have to say...it's pretty addicting. I was quickly obsessed with getting "Hit me with your best shot" to sound recognizable. Connor on the other hand could care less about playing the notes and instantly becomes the dramatic performer. He was playing behind the back, in the air, with his toes, and most of all showing off his hard core rock star dance moves. Could we have a future guitar star in the making? My money is on actor because boy does he like to put on a show and he is a pro at pulling out the fake tears to get his way. Dinner time is always a battle for us. It is next to impossible to get Connor to sit still and eat his food. I am always tempted to break out the duck tape and walk away muttering "that will teach him". The other night his dad brought him home a shark costume and we came up with the plan to say "don't let the shark eat Connor's food because Connor will be so mad". My aren't we creative! So Connor would put on his shark costume and gobble up his food - then he would rip off the costume and act shocked & appalled when he discovered his food was missing. As I'm watching this spectacle for the sake of getting a 3 year old to eat, it occurs to me that he's actually a pretty good little actor. He almost has me believing the outrage over his missing green beans and buying the passion he expresses as he pretends to body slam the naughty shark. Either he has some skills or we should think about having his short term memory checked because he seems to have no memory of the shark feeding...and he was the shark.

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