Unique Skins

Don't laugh too hard but I am addicted to playing Nintendo. I keep it in my purse and use it whenever I get some free downtime. When I went to buy my Nintendo it was a serious battle to find one available in my area and out of all the colors the only one I didn't want is pink. Imagine my surprise when after driving 30+ miles to pick one up that they only had a pink in stock (especially since they said they were holding a blue for me). So I settled for the pink and I was thrilled when I came across Unique Skins and saw that not only did they offer skins to cover up lots of the pink but they also allowed you to design your own skin! See my Unique Skin in the pictures - I choose to cover it in pictures of my little guys and now every time I use it I have bragging rights. People are constantly asking me where they can create their own! The creation process is quick and easy. When it arrives you simply stick it to your device just as you would a sticker or decal. Unique Skins also allows you to create skins for your other gaming consoles, cell phones, laptops, even mp3 players. Make your electronics personalized with your own unique style. Unique Skins will not disappoint and with prices like theirs you can even afford to order several. My nintendo ds skin only costs $15! Get started & get creative at Unique Skins!Best Blogger Tips

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