BASQ NYC - Bounce Back Aromacology Spa Kit

After you have a baby you DESERVE to treat both yourself & your body. It's hard work growing a child and then squeezing them out into the world. It can be tough on your mind and your body. BASQ NYC's Bounce Back Aromacology Kit tackles both of these tired areas and leaves you feeling refreshed and revived. All of the fantastic products in this 5 piece kit are free from parabens, phthalates, and animal testing! When you purchase this pampering set you'll find yourself mind energized and body glowing. It comes complete with:
  1. Cucumber Tea Eye Gel: Think spa and enjoy the relaxing feeling as you smooth this cool gel around your eyes. It's unique blend of antioxidants & hydrators will give you a refreshing tingle and leave you looking bright eyes and bushytailed. I loved applying this at night before bed. It made me feel pampered and there was a noticeable difference in my eye area after a few days use.
  2. Resilient Body Oil (2 Bottles): Massage this onto your skin after you take a warm shower or bath to get the maximum moisture benefits. It absorbs fast and works to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks while improving skin's elasticity. Make the experience even more relaxing by placing a few drops in a dish in your shower. The steam will make the room fill with the energizing aroma.
  3. Energizing Body: Made to wake up your feet, legs & body, this lightweight formula will feel cool & refreshing as you apply. It only takes a moment for it to absorb into your skin and deliver rich antioxidants to your body. Ingredients like cucumber, lavender, and green tea replenish your skin and leave it looking healthier. The fresh scent helps to awaken you mind as you apply it. I love the way it feels when I use it on my legs & feet. It makes my tired limbs feel like they have enough energy to start a new day!
  4. Citrus Sugar Body Polish - the last product to put into your wake up routine. When you are in the shower be sure to use this invigorating scrub. It uses white tea & grapeseed to make your skin feel energized & toned. I loved the bright pink color and whipped formula because it was ultra gentle & ultra effective at removing dead skin cells. The sweet orange essence reminded me of fresh squeezed orange juice and had me eager to start my day!
BASQ NYC is a great place to find products that tackle both your body and your mind through aromacology. I know that this kit has somehow found a way to make my mornings relaxing, energizing, and pamper filled. Send this your hubby's way with a little note reminding him that mother's day is approaching...perhaps he will take the hint!

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