Milk and Cookeez

The products from Milk & Cookeez smell as delicious as their name. I am a sucker for any body product that can make me smell like dessert and if you have something that looks like a cupcake it's as good as sold. Milk & Cookeez so many delightful body concoctions that you will struggle to choose just one. There are whipped frosting soaps, soap lollipops, bubbly marshmallows, bath cookies, bon bons, even ice cream scoops and not one of these tempting treats will make you gain a pound.

I am loving the bath cupcakes. There is the obvious cupcake factor (I am obsessed) but these cuties also do one impressive job of moisturizing your skin when you drop the fizzing dessert into your bath. I am also in love with the Vanilla Spun Cotton Candy Shea Whipp. It smells so incredible! It reminds me of a cupcake topped with candy corn, cotton candy and a trip to the fair! It's whipped texture looks like frosting and rubs into your skin like butter. The natural moisturizing ingredients in the shea whipp are powerful hydraters and do a great job of giving dry skin the boot. Lotion tends to absorb quickly and then disapear but the Shea Whipp lasts for a very long time!

All of the products from Milk & Cookeez are made using the best organic, natural, and cosmetic ingredients and all of the fragrance oils are phthalate free. The choices for fragrances sound so yummy that they make me want to go on a sweet tooth shopping binge. You can get scents like chocolate cake, pink sugared cupcake, and even lemon cake. Take a second and visit Milk & Cookeez to find products for your body that you won't be able to resist!

You can win your own Vanilla Spun Cotton Candy Shea Whipp. To enter for your chance visit Milk & Cookeez and then fill out the entry form below. The deadline to enter is May 29th and as always you can double you winning chances by subscribing to Now What Baby.

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amy p said...

The fizzy cupcakez look fun

amy p said...

I subscribe.

Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

Well, I'd buy the whole shop if I could, but that Strawberries and Cream Soapopz would be delicious in my tub. ; )

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