Teaching music to your child is an excellent way to kick off their education! Trebellina is an award winning DVD that you can start showing to your children from birth. Just like introducing a second langauge to your child - the sooner you start the more effective it will be. The Trebellina DVD teaches music fundamentals like pitch and note reading. It will also introduce your little one to different instruments and show them how they sound seperately and combined. The video is engaging and captured the interest of my 3 year old and my 8 month old. I firmly believe that music is a very important aspect in anyone's life and I think it is really cool that there is a DVD teaches music in such a fun way. I like how the music in the movie can go from classical to Old Mcdonald. I wish I had watched this video when I was a little girl - perhaps learning to play the piano would have been easier for me. All in all - it is very entertaining for your little one and it is also eductational. It's too soon to tell the results on my youngest soon but I know my three year old has taken lots away from Trebellina's teaching!

You can win your own copy of this wonderful DVD. To enter to win visit Trebellina and then fill out the form below. The deadline to enter is May 29th and as always you can double your winning chances by being a subscriber to Now What Baby.

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