After midnight = oddly productive

Up way past my bedtime and I was inspired by a hilarious post over at Rocks In My Dryer. Here are some of the google searches that led readers to me....
  • Baby Bla Bla Bla - this actually led people to me well over 30x and I'm a little insulted. Google thinks my thoughts can be summed up as bla bla bla.
  • Surviving labor - if you are looking for the answers to that one - 1 word - epidural
  • unbutton her shirt - not sure if this is the type of reader I was aiming for
  • baby mob - of this I know nothing ;)
  • bank teller unbuttons her shirt - how come every time someone wants to see someone unbutton their shirt Google points them in my direction?
  • clothes truth or dare - perhaps they were looking for a middle school slumber party?
  • crazy international infants - I don't even know what to say about this one. I just keep picturing a room filled with international infants laughing hysterically...don't ask me why.
  • eat for a sculpted face - I'm sorry to tell you but it's kind of the opposite
  • eating ice cream out of the tub - Just drop the spoon and walk away. Don't ever tell anyone you googled that, not even your cats.
  • findsuck - You're telling me when you ask google to find suck it sends you to me...that one hurt google
  • flashers in public - My advice is to always make sure your grandma is not around and wear comfortable shoes.
  • girls that like to burp - Finally something that makes sense
  • great bods - Flattery will get you everywhere
  • homeboys tried to warn me - Is that the word on the streets?
  • how to look skinny - I hate to break it to you but if google is sending you my way for the answer there is no hope
  • first morning pee - Flattery will get you everywhere
  • intelligender exploded - Intelligender is the most popular google search for my site but when I saw that their test had exploded I had to pause for concern and to question how that is even possible. That is some funky urine.
  • ladies wearing leather pants - I have a whole category dedicated to that now
  • my baby look good enough to eat - QUICK someone get her a sandwich
  • omg the brady bunch sang - People actually search for the brady bunch songs?
  • tinas visit - I hope poor tina isn't standing at a bus stop somewhere because her ride was directed to my site
  • weird bathroom habits - you have them too...but perhaps google doesn't know about them.
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