Bamboo Hugs

Bamboo is the ultimate in softness for your baby. I had no idea that Bamboo was actually soft but it is luxurious. The certified organic bamboo from Bamboo Hugs is also antibacterial, anti fungal, hypoallergenic, UV protective, pesticide free, and superior absorbency. When you have all those great qualities in a fabric - it's hard to see why you would buy anything else. Bamboo Hugs offers an adorable collection for your children. Jackson is modeling their too-cute Boo Pet Panda hooded towel. It is large enough for older children as well. They also have a kitty hooded towel too! Some other items you simply most try especially with summer rapidly approaching are the Big Kid Beach Blanket & the Hooded Baby Blanket. Both will provide UV protection for your child and the unique double layer will keep them ultra warm. The designs on their stylish products are sweet, simple, and hip all at the same time. Check out the collection at Bamboo Hugs today and start wrapping your child in un-matched softness as they get out of the water!Best Blogger Tips

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