Butt Naked

What: Butt Naked Cold Process Soap ($5)

Why: This vegan friendly soap is made using beneficial oils & butters. It's also handmade from scratch the good old fashioned way. The final product will banish your dry skin with it's moisturizing lather.

Where: Ten Digit Creations

Wow: The scent is spectacular! Its a blend of coconut, melon, strawberry, vanilla, and peach. Although that might sound like an overpowering aroma, it's actually just the right mix to create a light, sweet, smooth, mouth-watering scent.

Thoughts: "This is the first bar of soap that my husband ever noticed. I frequently try out new soaps and non of them ever get the slightest acknowledgement from him. He actually asked me to buy more of this soap and 'gasp' even asked what it was. When he learned the name was butt naked, he was addicted." (Melissa)Best Blogger Tips

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Ten Digit Creations said...


We really appreciate the inclusion of our soaps!

Ken & Amber

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