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NWB had way too much fun putting together our Guide to Body & Beauty. Make sure you check out the Guide when it debuts in a few short days - we have reviews on over 100 of our favorite products and over $1000 worth of giveaways!! Since we had so many cool products to test we implored the help of 4 of my favorite ladies. We all gathered together, snacked, chatted, and tested all the products. Every girl recorded her thoughts into a notebook and named their favorite products for each category. We had a fabulous time trying out all of the products and at the end of the night we all went home with glowing skin, pretty nails, exfoliated arms, and moisturized hands. Here is a little bit of info about all of our testers!

Meet Krystal! She is the manager of a fantastic baby product store jammed packed with gorgeous furniture and quality gear. She is expecting her first little bundle of joy in just a couple months. She was a perfect tester for pregnancy needs and baby products. She was a great sport about smelling all those different scents and even came up with the idea to smell coffee beans to clear out our scent palette between products! She loved the products from Farmhouse Fresh and even wanted to use them as gifts for the ladies who planned her baby shower.

Meet Lauren! Our gorgeous redhead pays incredible attention to detail, perhaps it's because she is a bank teller studying to go into finances. She cracked us up because all of her products had to be tested in a very precise order from the label to the ingredients. She loved everything from Jaqua Beauty - so expect to see those products at the top of her favorites list!

Meet Hanna! She is a lively blond that always has a smile on her face. She is coming up on her 1 year wedding anniversary - so she still counts as a newlywed! She was so full of thoughts and input about all of the products. She has really sensitive skin and it was great to see what her skin could handle. She really loved the products from Crabtree & Evelyn so don't be surprised to see her post it on anything from them!

Meet Melissa! Ok - you probably already know me but I am one of the testers so lets play along for the newcomers. For me - products are all about scents. If it smells like something that I like to eat than I am all for it! You can find me smelling all the shampoos at Target before making any purchases but I rarely remember to check what the shampoo is really for....ooops...but at least my hair smells good! I loved all the products from Bella Lucce - trust me on this one - they work even better than they smell and they smell delicious!

Meet Ashley! My best friend for over 10 years she will make anyone smile. She has her masters in business and currently works in marketing & sales. She was really in tune with the packaging and the describing words on all of the products. She was the first one to notice when something was organic or the bottle was really beautiful. She was new to Lush and instantly became a huge fan!

Check out a few pictures from our testing party!
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