Attack of the train eating baby

We call him the Choo Choo Monster. Connor has a huge amount of patience when it comes to his little brother. He is typically nothing but hugs, kisses, and rainbows where baby Jackson is concerned. In fact he even calms Mommy down when the crying is driving me mad. The other day when Jackson would not stop fussing I put my face in my hands in frustration. Connor came up behind me and gave me a hug, he looked me straight in the eye and said "It's ok Mom. All babies just cry." Nothing like the voice of reason from a 3 year old. However, in the event that there are trains or train tracks involved, Connor has no patience. He goes absolutely crazy when Jackson tears apart the train track designs he has slaved to create or makes off with his trains. Perhaps it's because of the enraging effect it has on Connor, but Jackson cannot resist all things trains. He will roll his little body all the way across the room to demplish and chew on the trains. Thus I give you a photo of the Choo Choo Monster in action, even as I post this I can hear Connor screaming in frustration.

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