The apple hasn't fallen far

My boys getting in touch with their manly side. My men just love to get dressed in camo and carry a gun. I really didn't get it until I sat there and watched them walking side by side - it's like shopping with my mom is for me. They are in their element and they are doing what gets their adrenaline pumping. They kind of remind me of little kids playing soldiers. I better get used to it because something tells me I that bargains aren't the only things I will be hunting for in my future...I think the only way to avoid this is to have a an ally in the family...just one baby girl should give me a future that still includes the potential of manicures and chick flicks. All joking aside - I wouldn't trade my boyish brood for anything even if they do like to sit in the woods and hope a turkey will waddle by. I have now survived 3 trips out to the hunting club and suprisingly this girly girl had a really good time. Perhaps there is hope for me yet!Best Blogger Tips

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