Binaca is still blasting you with good breath!

When I think about Binaca it takes me back to my high school days when I was so nervous about the humiliation of having bad breath when some hot guy talked to me. I would always have Binaca ready to go in my pocket. I can actually see myself hovering next to my locker and blasting my throat with peppermint scented Binaca in hopes that today he wouldn't walk by me, today he would stop and say "my your breath smells fabulous." All joking aside, I am still instantly disgusted when the person I am speaking to has a foul odor coming out of their mouth. Binaca is so effective and such a convenient item to keep in your purse. It doesn't matter what age you are...good breath = good and bad breath = revolting. Binaca is incredibly affordable and comes in 3 flavors: cinnamint, peppermint, and spearmint. It works fast and is very effective at taking stale breath and making it crisp and yummy. When my husband comes closer I want him to want to kiss me and not find himself wondering what I had for lunch that contained garlic & onions. You get the idea and you can learn more about Binaca by visiting their site here.

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