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Tuffo's Water Resistant Blanket is a must have for any family. It folds up into a matching carrying case that even has storage pockets. It is easy to leave in your car or to tote along on your walk to the park. The water resistant fabric ensure that your pants aren't going to wind up feeling damp after you sit on the blanket long enough to allow moisture to seep though. There is no moisture sneaking through this useful product. I love using it at the park to let my 4 month old lay on while my oldest runs around the playground. It's great for the beach as well!

Another use I have discovered for Tuffo's Water Resistant Blanket is that it has gone a long way in saving my couch & carpet. When my baby is lying on the floor or couch I place him on top of this blanket. Powers beyond my control seem to cause his diapers to constantly leak and this machine washable blanket provides a very helpful barrier. It is also great to have my 3 year old sit on top of when he is drinking stain causing fluids or eating something like yogurt. I use this blanket ALL the time and would strongly recommend it for your family. It comes available in 10 different designs and with a low cost like $39.95 - you might want to get more than one or buy some for a great holiday gift! Check out the full selection at Tuffo!Best Blogger Tips

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