Sula Beauty

The perfume rollers from Sula Beauty would thrill any lady on your shopping list. They are just right for tossing straight from your holiday stocking into your handbag. They are available in subtle, delightful scents like Vanilla Blossom, Butterfly Kiss, Stiletto Musk, Blackberry Rush, Sun-Kissed Citrus, and Champagne Sugar. My top two are the Vanilla Blossom & Champagne Sugar but they all smell delicious. I love the convenience of having it in a roller form. I roll it over my pulse points whenever I want a little scent pick me up! You can also pick up Sula Beauty's fab scents in a larger bottle form. Why not have one in the bathroom and a perfume roller in your purse?
Another cool item you can pick up from Sula Beauty is their nail colour. Available in 4 pretty shades, this color is unique in that it is a water based formula. The nice thing about that is you will find it to be free of the usual unpleasant scent typically associated with nail polish. This makes it possible to do a touch up in the car or even in the office. The water-based formula also eliminates the need for stinky polish remover because you can easily peel off the polish when you feel like a new shade. If you want the color to last for a longer term just use a top coat & a base coat. This would make a great nail polish for younger children and a convenient alternative for any woman. I love the products from Sula Beauty and I think that they would make fantastic additions to someones stocking this year!Best Blogger Tips

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