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A good eyeliner is hard to find. I want one that will glide on smoothly, endure throughout the day, and not end up smeared under my eyes. Noir Cosmetics has created the perfect black eyeliners. I am completely obsessed with the Long-Wear Eyeliner. It goes on perfectly and it lasts. I no longer have unintentionally too-smoky eyes. It's waterproof, smudge-proof, and tug-proof! Seriously, it will give you the standout eye you are looking for and it will actually stay where you put it. The heroin-chic look has it's time & place but it isn't at my son's playdate or teacher conference.
The Jewel Box Eyeshadow Pallete makes it pretty hard to mess up the sultry, smoky eye. All the shades you need are neatly packaged in one convient case complete with a brush. These long lasting shades are perfect for a dramatic night time look but I have also discovered that the Ivory Pearl shade is absolutely perfect for daytime wear. It has become my go-to color along with my black eyeliner for my daily routine - it makes my eyes glow. When evening comes around I can easily vamp up my look by adding the Silver Quartz & Diamond Black to my eyes.
To be totally honest the Gel Eyeliner really intimidated me at first. I thought it would be difficult to apply and that it would probably smear all over the place. I could not have been more wrong. This stuff is amazing! It is so easy to apply when you use the High Precision Eye Liner Brush. It is so much more exact and precise then I have ever been able to achieve with a liner pencil. The look achieved with the Gel Eyeliner can be both dramatic or subtle based solely on how much you apply. Did I mention it is also waterproof? I put this eyeliner to the test by wearing while I was riding 4wheelers. They make my eyes water like crazy and while I was riding I had visions of my raccoon streaked face as I frantically wiped tears from my eyes. However, to my surprise - when I looked in the mirror I discovered that my eyeliner had not moved at all. If you only make one purchase (all though I loved everything I tested) get this - it is my favorite!

Take a moment to visit Noir Cosmetics and I sure you will find a product you can't do without. They would also make fantastic last minute gifts for your friends and family! The Gel Eyeliner....trust me....you can't go wrong with this one!Best Blogger Tips

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