Bootcamp for Butts

It's sad to admit but most of our butts aren't what they once were. Thank goodness Mama Mio has come out with a product to whip our rear ends into shape & to do so just in time for the holiday season. This 3 step skincare system will help give your booty a butt lift in a box! If you can spare 3 minutes a day and you do so for 30 days - you will see a difference. I know I felt the burn after only a week! As a mother, free time for myself is pretty rare but anyone can carve out 3 minutes a day. Come one ladies - if you can't do 3 minutes then you don't have the right to complain about your backside.

Bootcamp for Butts comes with 4 great items - when combined and repeated daily = a greatly improved rear view!
  1. Supersmooth Body Buff - this gentle body exfoliator will give your skin the jump start it needs to encourage cell renewal & soften your skin by removing dead skin cells
  2. Tummy Toner - this serum will help you tone, lift, and tighten
  3. Shrink to Fit - cellulite cream that encourages your fat cells to not only shrink down but inhibits them from reforming
  4. A 3 minute exercise program specifically designed to target your gluteus maximus
Something tells me this is a holiday gift that a woman would be thrilled to have. I know that my best friends would love a good kick in the butt like this! It not only improves your appearance but it makes you feel pampered (except for the exercise part). The products are really high quality, luxurious, and effective. On a side note - a little advice to husbands - make sure your wife requests this gift or else it might be a little offensive when she opens it in front of friends & family. Check out Mama Mio to find products that will improve all areas of your body. Love your butt already? They also have a Bootcamp for Boobs and if you think both of those areas of your body are perfect already - I don't think we can be friends....I'm way too jealous - some of us need a little help!Best Blogger Tips

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