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I heard a great deal of chatter about T-Mobile's new G1 phone and I have to say - I was pretty curious to see what all the fuss was about. If you are a Google user than this phone is all that and more for you! When you turn on the phone for the first time it asks for your Gmail login. Once you share it with the G1 it automatically syncs with your Gmail calendar, contacts, and email. I have never used a phone that functioned so well with Gmail. It was amazing. It even lets you do labels and archive. It works the way you always wished Gmail would work on your cell phone but never did before. Obviously - I use Gmail. You can also perform a Google search with just one touch to the screen - this certainly makes finding answers easy. It was very evident that this phone was designed with web browsing in mind. You can browse web pages and they look just as they would from your computer. You browse the real web, not the mobile version.

I really liked the design of the G1. It was very user friendly and I loved the slide out keyboard. Although I like the touchscreen for most of my daily phone use - I am not a fan of the touchscreen keyboard. Perhaps I am just clumsy but I always seem to hit two letters at once or the wrong letter altogether. The combination of a actually keypad with a touchscreen was one of my favorite things about the G1. It also has a trackball that makes navigating web pages very easy. Sometimes it can be difficult to touch in just the right spot on a web page - the trackball is a really helpful feature.

It has a shortcut to youtube and that was pretty cool. I have never before been able to easily watch youtube videos on my phone. Using youtube on the G1 was as easy as using it on your computer. It definitely was great for keeping me entertained. Some other cool features you'll find on the G1 is the Google Maps. You can actually view locations & navigate by simply moving your phone. Pretty impressive! You can also download lots of cool applications from the Android Market. You can get a cool application called Shop Savvy for free! This was one of my absolute favorite features on the phone because it allowed you to scan an items UPC code while shopping and it would tell you the prices of nearby stores & online sellers (nice to know you got the best deal before you spend your money).

The phone is also jam packed with features like a 3.2 Megapixel Camera, speakerphone, a music player, a customizable home page, and I am just telling you a few. It's a pretty awesome phone. I'm pretty sure it would thrill any adult or teen when they unwrapped this gem for a holiday surprise! You can view an interactive demo by clicking here and you can also get a quick display of some of the features by watching the two videos below.

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