The Fuze

I never cease to be amazed at the constant advances in technology. Who would have thought 10 years ago that you would be able to take along pictures, videos, and music all in one tiny device? I think photo albums will become extinct in the next few years. Why would you want to carry around a bulky album when you can store & show off hundreds of photos on this very portable device? The Fuze allows you to play your music, display your photos, and watch your videos. You can get all of this for a very affordable price - 2gb ($80), 4gb ($100), and 8gb($120).

I was extremely impressed with the Fuze. The clarity of the videos & photos was fantastic. This is great for keeping my 3 year old entertained. He can hold it and watch his favorite video while I fill our cart with groceries. Gone are the days of chasing him up and down the aisles. Thank you Fuze! The battery will last for long periods of time (24 hours), it has a built in microphone, and it also had an FM radio. The one thing I like the most about the Fuze is how easy it is to transfer your media to it. You simply plug it into your computer and drag & drop your music files. When you are transferring your photos & videos you download freeware from the Sansa site. It easily and quickly converts your files and transfers them to your Fuze player. With prices like these - Santa is going to be making some people very happy this year! Visit Sansa to pick up one for the gadget lover in your life!Best Blogger Tips

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