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I am embarrassingly clumsy. I run into walls, trip over my feet, and somehow fall up the stairs. My husband says I spill so many drinks I should only be allowed to use a sippy cup. Jumping rope is a bit of a challenge for my uncoordinated self. JumpSnap eliminates the hardest part about jumping rope and leaves behind all of the fitness benefits. You basically jump rope without a rope. This great work out gadget keeps up with all of your statistics as you do it too! It will tell you how many times you jumped, how long, and even the calories burned. Try getting your old jump rope to do that!A 30 minute JumpSnap workout can burn as much as 600 calories, whereas 30 minutes on the treadmill at 4 mph only burns 182. JumpSnap is a full body workout that is easy to take along with you. You can burn 100 calories in just 5 minutes - pretty impressive. The original JumpSnap ($60) set comes with the JumpSnap, 3 weights for each handle, 8 minute beginner workout DVD, 12 minute intermediate workout DVD, and a mesh travel bag for easy storage - it even includes your batteries. No too bad when you think just one workout DVD can cost you more than $30.

The JumpSnap lets you set up a user profile for each jumper (their height & weight). It also lets you set it to alert you when you reach your goal number of jumps or time. Surprisingly it makes a snapping sound to help you maintain rhythm as you jump. The beginner workout DVD was something I managed to survive! This is an accomplishment as I am not much of a fitness buff. I actually made it through the intermediate DVD but I was pretty worn out. This is truly a full body work out.I did feel a little silly at first - jumping rope with no rope but then I remembered how silly I looked tripping over that rope. Hmm...I'm not feeling so goofy anymore. I love seeing how many times I jumped and the calories I managed to burn. It has become a game to see who can jump more/burn more between my husband & I - this game is much more effective at getting us into our skinny jeans than monopoly. All in all, I think this is an awesome way to get fit. It is easy to take along with you. You can do it in an enclosed space. It doesn't take a great deal of time so mom's might actually be able to fit it into their schedule. It would also make a really unique and fun holiday gift. I can think of several people on my shopping list that would love it - I can't tell you though just in case they are reading this. Visit JumpSnap today to get your own!Best Blogger Tips

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Dee said...

LOL..i bet you did feel funny...but that is pretty cool!

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