In love with a phone!

You know that commercial where the girl says she's falling in love with a phone? This is that phone. I thought it was the dumbest commercial at first and now I can finally relate - the Samsung Instinct is pretty much incredible. I think I am in love. For starters - it looks cool and it has a touchscreen (which seems to be the new thing in cell phones). It also is jammed pack with some other really cool features. The web browser is easy to use and is also very similar to looking at the web on my laptop. Then there are cool features like the ability to watch live tv. It is really nice to be able to turn on cartoon network when your little one is running all over the grocery store and my husband loved being able to watch his football games while we were away from the house. It also has some shows on demand - so I could watch the previous nights Grey's Anatomy while stuck in the slow moving carpool lane.

The Instinct also has GPS Navigation - so there is one less thing you have to pack. It has a music player, radio, the weather, movie showtimes, voice activated dialing, camera, camcorder, bluetooth, and even a shopping helper. Plus it still does the basics like speakerphone & texting. It actually displays a full touchscreen keyboard when you are texting. The Instinct is a jack of all trades - there doesn't seem to be much of anything it can't do. It's the kind of holiday gift guaranteed to create excitement - I know I really want one! Check out the commercial below to see it in action and visit Samsung to find out even more -
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