Tinte Cosmetics

Tinte Cosmetics has some great items to stuff in her stocking. I'm loving the flavored lip shine! It's enriched with shea butter, thus not only giving your lips high impact shine but also being super moisturizing. Another fun thing about this great gloss is the yummy taste. I hate when your lip gloss has that odd flavor that keeps creeping into your mouth. The lip shines from Tinte Cosmetics are so tasty you might catch yourself licking your lips throughout the day. They come in savory flavors like haute chocolate, pink lemonade, peachy-sheen, and more. My favorite is of course cake - who doesn't like cake without the calories?
Another cute addition to her stocking from Tinte Cosmetics are the Flavored Lip Colors. Similar to that of the Lip Shine because of the added shea butter keeping your lips fresh and moisturized. However, these little tins supply you with a subtle color and a scent that will quickly make it one of your favorite lip colors. They also have delicious flavors as well - like blackberry jam, cream soda, bubble gum, and root beer. Take a moment to visit Tinte Cosmetics to see all of their fun makeup options!Best Blogger Tips

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