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If you are anything like me - you gave up the cute shoes for sneakers the day you brought home your first child. My high heels make special appearances at Holiday parties and occasionally on a girls night out but for the most part they lie in wait in my closet. I can't seem to part with them because they are not only beautiful but memories of some really great times & style. It's just too painful to wear them and to tote all that comes with children (and I'm usually holding my kids too). When I found Foot Petals it brought back life to my dull shoe rut. Foot Petals has a line of products that can make your heels tolerable and your strappy sandals blister free!

My favorite Foot Petals products are the Amazing Arches and the Killer Kushionz. The Killer Kushionz are full insoles for your shoes. They provide padded comfort for your feet - you can even use them in your sandals and they help keep your feet from sliding forward. It surprised me how one little pad can change the way my shoes feel so much - I can wear my stylish shoes again! The Amazing Arches stick on the inside of the arch of your shoe and they help provide support to your foot. It keeps your feet from feeling so tired by working together with your body's natural shock absorption system. These also feel great in your flats.

Foot Petals has other amazing shoe savers like Strappy Strips - thin strips that help prevent blisters (great for strappy sandals), Heavenly Heelz - pads that you can use on the back of your shoe or inside your shoe (save your pedicure or avoid the blisters on the back of your heels), and also Haute Heelz - a pad for the bottom of your heel (it helps absorb shock and adds comfort to your shoes). Visit Foot Petals to get what you need to get back in your favorite pre-baby shoes. I'm so happy to be able to wear something other than sneakers for a change!!Best Blogger Tips

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