It's harder than you might think to find a Moses Basket that is available in a variety of prints. I searched all over the place before I found Hoohobbers. They have a Moses Basket that comes in a with the selection of over 40 different fabrics. Now your going to have to struggle to pick just one. I have been using my Moses Basket everyday. It is great to leave downstairs for baby to sleep in. I love that if he falls asleep in the living room but I need to go into the kitchen - I can just pick it up and go. He sleeps comfortably without any knowledge of his relocation. It's also the thing I take over to grandparents, the park, and even when we travel. It makes the perfect portable bassinet and it looks super cute!

Hoohobbers make very high quality Moses Baskets. You can wash them repeatedly and they still look as good as new. The bumpers are designed similar to a duvet cover and allow you to remove the padded insert before you wash them - this way the bumpers will keep the shape they had when you first bought your Moses Basket (they are also machine washable in the event they need to be washed). Every basket comes with the coordinating sheet and cushion - they also include a matching blanket! If you are looking for a really cute gift to give a soon to be big sister - you can also purchase a matching Moses Basket in doll size.

Visit Hoobobbers to see the full collection. They have everything you need for your little one's nursery, from rocking chairs to baby bedding, even diaper bags. Below are a few pictures of us using our Moses Basket:

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