Eco-Friendly Diaper Rash Prevention

Bummas are a great new way to help prevent diaper rash from developing on your child and a pretty good way to save some money. Bummas are woven velour terry cloths around the size of a washcloth. They are highly absorbent - one Bumma can absorb an entire pee! Basically they are designed to be used in place of chemical wipes. Sometimes the cause of diaper rash can be the chemicals in your wipes. An Eco-friendly alternative to disposable wipes and without the chemicals - you simply wet a Bumma to clean your baby's bottom and then toss it in the wash. This has worked great for my little baby - it only takes one Bumma for me to wipe him clean and the texture grabs on to all the little particles (no need to wipe continuously). I don't think I would use them for an older child - just because their stinky diapers can be pretty revolting and I like to dispose of any evidence immediately.

However, Bummas have another purpose if you aren't quite ready to let go of your disposable wipes yet. They are great for drying off baby's bottom. The moisture is a big part of what can cause a rash on your child's tender skin and when I use my disposable wipes they definitely leave the baby's backside damp. You can just take a Bumma and wipe baby dry super fast. If you are asking what's the difference between a Bumma and a washcloth (I did) here are a few things I noticed right away. The Bumma's are much more absorbent - when I wet a washcloth and use it to wipe baby's bottom, the water is dripping and it can get a little messy. With a Bumma - it holds the water and actually feels a little like a thick baby wipe. Bumma's are also much softer for your child's tender areas. Another thing that makes Bumma's special - they are naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.

Start saving baby's butt and your wallet with Bummas! They come in 4 different color set and in packs of 10 for only $16.99.Best Blogger Tips

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