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Relax, de-stress, revive, and pamper yourself with the Wellbeing collection of products from The Body Shop. The great products contain natural ingredients and are based on traditional herbal remedies. The have 4 different categories to choose from based on your specific needs - Total Energy, Deep Sleep, Pure Detox, and Divine Calm. I feel like I need something from all of these categories! I tried out several of the products from the Wellbeing Collection and was very happy with all that I saw. The Total Energy Enlivening Body Gel was one of my favorites. I was intrigued by the idea of body gel and a little confused. Was it lotion? Was it like body wash? Wash it like the aloe I put on after a sunburn? It does remind me a little of aloe (it even contains some aloe in the ingredients, along with ginger & jojoba) but without the sticky feeling. It makes your skin feel cool and hydrated. I really like to put this on in the morning and it does make me feel more awake and energized.
I was interested to see what the Pure Detox Clarifying Clay Mask could do for my skin and I wasn't disappointed. I have never really used many face masks except when I was little at slumber parties but this is a product I can see myself working into my beauty life. I like the way it uses unique ingredients like dead sea mud, wasabi, clay, even algae to preform detox on my skin. It even smells really good too - a mixture of lemon and orange. The best part: my skin looks fresher and more radiant after I use it.

What mom doesn't dream of a night of uninterrupted deep sleep. While the Deep Sleep Peaceful Body Moisturizer can't guarantee a night without your children rousing you, it can help you feel calm and relaxed as you drift off to sleep. It uses rich, delightful ingredients like almond oil, blackcurrant seed oil, vitamin E, and Community Trade honey to make an amazing softening lotion. It is perfect to put on after a night time bath or shower because it works to hydrate and condition your skin as you sleep. I tried it out for several nights and every morning my skin was soft. I think this is a product I will be using a lot this winter because my skin gets so dry in the colder months!

The Body Shop's Wellbeing collection has 19 different products to pick from and I'm sure that they have something that will be great for your wellbeing! You can see the full range online or at your local Body Shop store.Best Blogger Tips

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