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While nursing is a great thing to do for your child - it can have it's downsides. For me it's having to hide while nursing. I prefer to keep my "girls" out of the view of strangers passing by. When I got the opportunity to try out the Slurp & Burp I was pleasantly surprised by how few people ever even noticed I was nursing. The thing that makes Slurp & Burp unique from other nursing covers is that it is designed to only cover the breast - not your baby. This is really great especially during the warm summer months when covering your child with a blanket or other nursing cover can make them get pretty sweaty. The Slurp & Burp is now available with a detachable burp cloth which makes it easy to toss the burp cloth in the wash (it is machine washable & so is the cover) without needing to wash the entire cover.

The Slurp & Burp functions very similar to a nursing top. It has two loops of fabric that you wear much like a sling and then after unbuttoning your top & bra - you then separate the fabric loops just enough to expose the nipple to baby. This is really nice because to passers by it really looks like you are just holding your wee one. The only problem I had with the Slurp & Burp is that if you are not wearing a shirt that can be easily pulled down or unbuttoned and you need to pull your shirt up from the bottom - your tummy is on display. I rarely wear anything that can't be lowered from the top but if you are in the habit of wearing turtle necks this might not be for you.

Another thing I love about the Slurp & Burp is how compactly it rolls up to store. It is so little that it takes up next to no extra space in your diaper bag and it can easily be tossed in your purse. You have so much to carry around with a new baby, so anything that is less bulky and combines two uses in one is quite helpful!

You can get the Slurp & Burp in 14 different fabric options - you can even choose to order one in all natural cotton. While I prefer the detachable burp cloth they also make them with sewn in burp cloth. Having a Slurp & Burp takes away the need to buy a nursing wardrobe thus saving you a great deal of your hard earned cash. You can get one for as low as $24.99 and that's probably less than one nursing top would have cost you. Visit Slurp & Burp to get one today!
Below are a few pictures of me using the Slurp & Burp:
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