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Say goodbye to the days of a stain covered stroller filled with crumbs and devoid of personality. My Monkey Moo has created stroller pads that provide not only the ultimate in luxurious style for your child but also offer a very practical solution to messy strollers. The stroller pads from My Monkey Moo are reversible pads that work on basically any stroller. Since I test so many strollers I was able to try it out on 7 different stroller. It fit and looked great on all of them. It even made my cheap, boring, umbrella stroller look customized and dare I say "stylish"?

The beauty of having a reversible and easy to remove stroller pad is that when the kids spill something on it you can take it out and wash it out (it's pretty tricky to put a whole stroller into the washer & sometimes spot cleaning just can't cut it), plus if you are out and unable to wash it then - you can flip it over for a quick fix. Also with having a reversible pad you can change the way your stroller looks whenever you want a new look.

One side of the stroller pad is 100% cotton and the other is swirl chenille. The swirl chenille is soo soft. Every time I turn the pad to show the swirl chenille fabric people everywhere want to touch it. I want a blanket out of this fabric. I swear - kids have it made. They get to be pushed around on a plush pad topped with super insanely soft fabric! The stroller pads can also be used as a changing pad if you so desire & the roll up easily and tie for simple storage.

My Monkey Moo also sells matching stroller blankets to go with your stroller pad. You can choose between 11 different patterns. Check out the pictures below of Jackson using his stroller pad from My Monkey Moo:
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