Mom's Beauty Find - Bath Desserts...delicious!!

I was really thrilled with this yummy body scrub from Bath Desserts! The Sugar Scrub combines sugar & hemp seed butter to create a really hydrating scrub. Sometimes when I use an exfoliating scrub on my skin the end result is rougher and dry skin. This product gave me anything but that. I didn't even need to apply lotion after I stepped out of the shower. It actually made my skin feel moisturized and smooth! The savory scent options like coconut, lemon, lavender, orange zest, peppermint, plum, and vanilla make it even more irresistible.

The Hemp Seed Butter uses it's fatty acids to nourish and help prevent your skin from losing valuable moisture. It doesn't make your skin have a greasy or oily feeling after you use it either! The Hemp Seed Oil is what makes Bath Desserts unique and the ingredient itself is pretty spectacular. It's a green ingredient - meaning there is no pesticides, grows easily almost anywhere and you can grow it in the same spot year after year. A great example of how Bath Desserts strives to be an eco-friendly company.

Bath Desserts makes all of their products in the US and they are never tested on animals! They are 100% natural. If you aren't into exfoliating you will also find Body Melt Truffles, Bath Sprinkles, Lip Butter, Hemp Soap, Body Butter, and Fizz Balls at Bath Desserts. They have a great selection as well as lots of delicious flavors. Your body deserves to be pampered and when I use my Sorbet Sugar Scrub that is exactly what it gets!!Best Blogger Tips

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