I just wanted to apologize to my readers for my recent lack of reviews. I promise that there is much in the works for Now What Baby in the upcoming weeks. Recently the nesting bug has hit me and I have begun a much needed re-organization of my home and life. I only have 5 weeks to get ready for our new arrival and I think I'm starting to go a little crazy. It was time for me to create some order in my life and to get better prepared. Starting Monday things will return to normal and Now What Baby will be back with some great new products! I really appreciate your understanding and continued support!! I will leave you with some things to look forward to in the upcoming weeks and months:
  • A week dedicated to a look inside my new nursery! See the products I couldn't leave off my must-have baby list and the fun way we decorated the room.
  • In honor of my son's upcoming 3rd birthday (I can't believe he's already that old) - we will have a week all about birthday gifts & parties complete with a special video of Now What Baby's testing star
  • Back to school is just around the corner and I have a week coming filled with great back to school supplies and healthy snacks & juices
  • After my new baby arrives you can expect a week all about nursing supplies - the bottles, bras, pumps, and other things I can't do with out
Thats not all I have in the works for Now What Baby but I just wanted to give you an idea of whats to come. Thanks again for your continued support and feedback! Check back later to find out our contest winners!!!Best Blogger Tips


Sassy Pink Boutique said...

Hey- you should be getting plenty of rest before the baby comes! I think it's such a joke when people say "nap when the baby naps." Yea, right! If you did that you wouldn't get ANYTHING done! I say get all your rest BEFORE the baby comes...lol! Take care of yourself!

Kristinia - Loving Heart Mommy said...

Girl I know exactly what you are going through! I've been trying to keep on top of blogging, parenting, organizing, etc.. and I'm nesting like crazy!!!

I'm 33 weeks today, only 5 weeks left to go for the scheduled c-section on Sept. 7th!

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