35 Weeks - Comfort & Style

At 35 weeks pregnant - it's becoming tough to find clothing that makes me feel stylish and still able to function. If I'm not leaving the house - it is all about the sweat pants! However, I was lucky enough to stumble upon Chiarakruza's great line of maternity clothing. The fabrics are soft and light. The cuts are comfy and flattering. It also doesn't hurt that celebs like Jessica Alba wore the line while they were pregnant. Click here to see a picture of Jessica Alba wearing Chiarakruza's Sam tee. I was lucky enough to get to wear the same tee in a smoky blue. I love this top - the length is great! I don't ever have to worry about my tummy popping out and it's luxuriously soft. This is another maternity item that I can see myself wearing pregnant or not.

We recently went to the midnight showing of the new Batman movie. At this point in my pregnancy I am lucky if I stay awake past 9:30 but somehow I made it till almost three in the morning. The reason I am telling you this was that I wore my Chiarakruza Sam Tee to the movie and was actually comfortable throughout the entire film. It seems like everything I put on lately squeezes in the wrong spots but this top endured a late night test, plus I felt confident. Below are some pictures of me wearing the top - make sure to visit Chiarakruza today to see what they have for you!!

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