Me Giant

I'm so loving these adorable tees from Me Giant! The simple designs are fun and imaginative. They have 4 fun lines to choose from too! You can pick from the Wee Bubba designs that have witty sayings like "Toothless Fairy" and "Goofball". The line also features my personal favorite - the tee that says "Ants in the Pants" and even comes complete with an ant or two escaping on the back. That is definitely a top that fits my little boy!

Another fun line from Me Giant is the Chirp Daddy Line. These sweet tees & onesies inspire creativity in your child. Why can't a bird say woof or a cow say meow? Ok - we all know that they don't but thats what makes it so cute and whimsical! When you stop by to visit Me Giant - don't miss the Pirate Line or the Twins Line! There is a perfect design available for every child.

I will leave you with one more reason to love Me Giant - they have really cute packaging that your child will enjoy! They come in the adorable little lunch box above making it the perfect gift. My son has designated his lunch box the carrying case for his trains. He fills it up and takes it wherever we are off to that day. My favorite thing about it is that it will only hold 6-8 trains instead of the 20-30 he would toss in his bookbag. Try keeping up with 30 trains - plus he can actually carry this himself and it fits perfectly into a diaper bag. Below are some pics of Connor modeling his Me Giant tees:

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