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Tea time and bath time unite! Deep Steep has developed an ultra relaxing creation called Bath Tea. I for one can't seem to get enough. Bath Tea uses sea salt to help soften bath water and aroma therapy to soothe your mind and senses. You simply hold the tea bag under running bath water while you're filling the tub and then you soak and unwind. The lavender-chamomile scented tea bath I took was incredibly relaxing. I absolutely love to take baths and it's really exciting for me to discover a new way to enjoy my alone time!

Another Deep Steep favorite of mine is the Candy Mint Foot & Leg Cream. Honestly this product reminds me of Christmas - probably because it smells just like a candy cane. However, Christmas holds lots of happy memories for me and that makes me enjoy the product even more. The Foot & Leg Cream has helped to save my poor tired lower limbs. When you massage it into your skin the result is a cooling and refreshing sensation that is also very moisturizing. On a side note - All of Deep Steep's products are 100% free of parabens & chemical persevatives, & 100% Vegan!!Best Blogger Tips

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