31 Weeks- Belli Threads

Belli Threads is a one stop shopping destination for your whole family! At 31 weeks I was thrilled with the fun and well fitted tees from their online shop. I also liked that they had options for my entire family. They have infant, maternity, children, and even hats for Dad & Grandpa. It's an easy place to pick up all the gifts you need when a family has a new arrival coming.

Belli Threads has a great selection of Big Bro & Big Sis tees but they also have some adorable & funny tops as well. I love the "Stunt Rider" tee and the cute little shirt that reminds us to "Use your words". Another cool option - you can get a matching tees for your children that say "little bro" and "big sis" or "little sis" and "big bro"....you get the idea. It's a cute way to show the connection to your older child when a new baby enters the home.

Although I can't neglect to mention the too-cute onesies with messages like "midnight snacker" and "no curfew", the main purpose of this post was to tell you about the maternity tees. I'll admit that I have become a little bit obsessed with comfy and funny preggo tees but I promise that the tees from Belli Threads are too witty to pass up!!! My favorite is the tee that says "the baby made me eat it"! Maybe when I wear this I have an excuse for the massive amount of chocolate I have been cramming into my mouth.....

Below are pics of my family wearing their Belli Thread tops. I love how cute my hubby and Connor look in their matching tees!!! Make sure you visit Belli Threads and see what they have to offer for your family!

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Kristinia said...

I love the shirts, I'm going to have to order one for my son Gabriel ( 16 months on the 24th) , he still doesn't realize he's going to be a Big Brother come September!

Congrats on being preggo as well, I'm just now at 28 weeks and I definately know how the chocolate thing is, I've never eaten as much Hersheys and reeses!

Are you having a boy or a girl? We are expecting a baby girl!

Melissa said...

I am expecting a boy at the end of August!! Congrats on your little lady!! Yes - this time around for me there is just something irresistible about Twix bars and Reeeses! I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only pregnant woman suffering from this addiction :)

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