What do your feet say?

I Play Baby Wear has the cutest boots and slippers for your little one. I love the barnyard slippers! They light up and make sounds when your child wears them and they have no slip grips on the bottom. The little frogs are too cute on a little one's feet!!

I also am a big fan of the Lunar Boots. These boots are so lightweight - really - they feel like they weigh nothing. They are the perfect shoes for walking in the rain or mud. Connor thinks they go with every outfit and he will wear them with anything. I think they are great because he can also put them on himself!! I just love kids shoes that are bright and fun and let them stay full of imagination as long as possible.

At I Play Baby Wear you can find so much more than footwear. They have sun protection, swimwear, rainwear, bibs, & some really cute layette wear. They even have yoga mats for kids! Check out their site to find a retailer online! Below are some pics of Connor wearing his Lunar Boots:

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Chelsey said...

So cute baby boots!! I too got similar kind of soft and comfortable baby boots through Baby Gap...

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