Belly 9

Belly 9 brings back fond memories for me. They were my first Preggo Weekly Update at 19 weeks and here I am now about to hit 30 weeks!!! I'm still sporting the thermal I reviewed earlier from Belly 9 and it still fits like a charm. It is a little warm to wear a thermal outside of my house - so I was excited to get to try out one of the cute tanks available at Belly 9. Lucky for me, they are just as comfy as my thermal.

At Belly 9 you can find tops that might help keep strangers from asking you questions all the time! They have tops that say 1st baby, 2nd baby, & 3rd baby. They also have tops that will let people know if it's a boy, girl, twins, or a surprise - unfortunately this probably won't keep people from telling you they could tell it was a boy because of the way you are carrying and so on....

Here are a few pics of me wearing my Belly 9 - Au Naturale Tank:

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