Lip 20 Treatment

We all want beautiful plump lips but what are we willing to sacrifice to get them? Most of the products on the market now that claim to plumpen your lips use unhealthy & unnatural irritants to make your lips swell. If you have tried some of these products - you know what I'm talking about - they make your lips tingle and sting. This is not really my cup of tea, so I was excited to discover Kaplan MD's Lip 20. Bear in mind the effects of this lip treatment are not instant - your lips will plumpen over time because of the concentrated peptides in the treatment (2 - 3 weeks of continued use will show results) and you'll get this look sting free!

Honestly what attracted me to Kaplan MD's Lip 20 wasn't the prospect of plumper lips, it was the SPF 20 included in the lipstick! I am really into anything with suncreen built in - I don't want to age any faster than I have to - who does? Lip 20 is available in 3 sheer colors and clear. The shades add just a subtle hint of color and lots of shine. Here are a few more reasons you should try Lip 20:
  1. It uses patented Peptides & Marine Collagen to contour and redefine the your lip line
  2. The moisturizing effects are amazing - it uses Seabuckthorn Berry Extract - a moisturizer 20 times more effective than Vitamin E alone.
  3. It has superior anti-aging benefits - the treatment contains an exclusive Phytogenic Triactive Complex of Soy, Grapeseed, and Black Cohosh
  4. According to Star Magazine it's a hit with celebs like Jennifer Garner & Sienna Miller (I admit it - I like to use the same stuff that the movie stars use!)
Visit Kaplan MD to get your own Lip 20 and check out their great line of skincare products!Best Blogger Tips

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