Week 19 - A shirt that makes me smile!

Since becoming pregnant with my second child I have been on a mission to find great maternity clothing. I spent the majority of my first pregnancy in gauchos and men's beater tanks. I refuse to look like that again. I love the shirts from Belly 9. Their shirts will grow with you. They fit you from the start of your pregnancy until you deliver. I was lucky enough to get to try out a thermal "counting down the days" tee. Although I'm 19 weeks pregnant, I still don't look that pregnant yet and this shirt fits me perfect. Trust me on this - this shirt will stretch more than far enough when needed and it still looks just as cute.

Belly 9 was created by two friends who were searching for cute, comfy maternity tops. In my opinion they have suceeded! Their tops are very funny and I can vouch for the comfort. Visit their page to see more witty designs. The "fertile myrtlye" tee is another one of my favorites.

Here I am attempting to model the "Counting Down" top:

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