Mood Swing Lip Gloss?

This just takes me back to my childhood when mood rings were all the rage and I actually thought they might be able to correctly tell my feelings. Too Faced has a fun lip gloss that is emotionally activated! Come on - you know you want to get in touch with your inner child!! You don't need to worry because Mood Swing Lip Gloss starts off clear and changes to various shades of pink (think cotton candy to fuchsia). Your lips will not be turning green, blue, or amber - they will stay in a flattering color scheme. Did this gloss actually change depending on my mood? My mind says "no" but my lips did stay pretty and glossy all day. They also displayed a few different shades of pink and I have yet to find one I didn't like. You could buy several different lip glosses and swap them out to get the same effect or you could give in and let your makeup be fun again (plus you only have to buy one tube of lip gloss for lots of color)!

My very favorite Too Faced product at the moment is the Mineral Water Eye Brightening Pencil. There are very few mornings were I would not describe my eyes as "tired eyes". This pencil is super gentle and hydrating (it's 35% natural mineral water). It feels cooling and refreshing as you apply it to your eyes. The purpose of this pencil is to give your eyes a brightened look and it does it's job! Simply line the inner rim of your eye to give you a more wide eyed look and to give your eyes an instant wake up call. It kind of reminds me of using eye drops but I like the effect much better than teary eyes. Also it does wonders to help disguise dark circles. You can pick up both of these great Too Faced products at Sephora.Best Blogger Tips

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