100% Organic Rock Star Hair!

Rock Star Baby Organics are all about being green and they have succeeded in so many ways. For one those adorable aluminium bottles that Rock Star Baby comes packaged in are not just that way for style purposes. They are made recycled aluminum and since aluminum is one of the world's most abundant metallic element it can be recycled again and again without losing any of it's characteristics. Rock Star Baby Organics are all hand made by a team of moms - how great is that?! When they say 100% natural they mean it - there is no dye, no artificial fragrance, no parabens and no chemicals. The products are even hand poured into the bottles.

If 100% natural and hand prepared by moms isn't reason enough for you to try them out - then maybe the fun aspect of their products will appeal to you! We tried out the Paparrazi Lime Organic Shampoo and I was so pleased with it. It smells amazing! I love the way Connor's hair smells after we wash it in this shampoo and that I know I'm using something healthy on his head. They also offer fun products like:
  • Tangerine Limousine Organic Conditioner
  • Movie Star Fabulous Detangler and Shine
  • Rock Star Style Pomade
  • Rock Star Organic Lip Balm "Healing Stick"
I love the fun names and packaging, as well as the peace of mind provided by Rock Star Baby Organics. Take the time and check out this new line of products from Lulu's American Baby. Every baby is a star and now their hair can be too!Best Blogger Tips

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